Our Fabrics

The journey for some of our fabrics starts with hand-picked cotton from the fields, which is spun into yarn, and woven into fabrics which are washed in the river. Organic vegetable dyes provide the color in this pure process and there is no trace of chemicals at any stage. We are constantly evolving as a brand and we continue to push ourselves into cleaner, purer textiles.

India's rich textile heritage has been a source of inspiration to travelers from across the globe for centuries. Our broad resort wear collection incorporates contemporary designs with India's heritage of Hand-woven Silks, Indigo, and Jamdani fabrics, which have enjoyed the patronage of Mughal emperors, and the East India Company since thew 16th and 17th centuries. The extremely complex and eco-friendly Jamdani technique has been declared an intangible cultural heritage, which needs to be preserved for humanity.